Staples Beds

Staples has a long tradition of quality craftsmanship when it comes to making beds. With up to ten turns of wire per spring and the very best natural fillings, each Staples Bedis hand-made to order by highly skilled craftsmen and women.

In keeping with tradition, Staples Beds use the softest, top quality jacquard fabrics in stunning designs - finishing the borders with hand side stitching.

Each mattress can be combined with sprung divan bases for superior comfort, or can be purchased separately and used on a bedstead.

For peace of mind each divan set or mattress comes with a five-year guarantee.


All Staples mattresses are individually upholstered by hand. Traditional tufting is especially important when securing the generous quantities of fillings, especially on the more lavish models. The borders of most models are reinforced with side stitching, to give a firmer edge and prolong the life of the mattress.


All Staples divans can be supplied with drawers without loss of comfort. Staples drawers run with silky smoothness on high quality steel runners for easy use.

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